Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth: 09.09.2018

So It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write something on this, impart to searching for career fulfillment and overall fulfillment in my life. There have been battles that I have been facing lately, things that I didn’t think would affect me the way it does. The desire to explore and achieve happiness outside of my relationship with my partner, family, and some friends. It’s interesting to find yourself in a place of confusion and fear, fear of loneliness and uncertainty about the future.

This uncertainty doesn’t have to be a negative thing as change is what makes the world go around. I’m keeping it short to say, I’m back. Changes are on the way not just on this platform but in my life and brand. I hope the change brings new interesting people into my life and amazing people to my blog and my world. Until keep finding your own worth. See you soon!


Peace and love,

Michael Anthony


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Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth: 11.12.2017

The peace that I long for can only be achieved through self-evaluation…

The peace that I long for can only be achieved through self evaluation and even more importantly a meditative mind. “Fiercely encouraged” is how I wake up feeling each morning because there is no reason not to be that way. So many different thoughts run through my mind each day as I process the hundreds of things being thrown at me each day and I think “there has to be more than this.” I know that we all must work and must push through any ideas that we have of what our life should look like by this point in our lives. The caveat is to recognize that just because the journey isn’t going as planned that it doesn’t lessen the importance of the journey. This path is what we make it and to keep it short and to the point, this path is necessary.

Peace and Love,

Michael Anthony

Cry Out: Trees

…cry out to be free.

Roots attach yourself to the Earth from which you’re planted and create life that is dwindling. Let the rain hit your leaves and fall down to the ground in which you are rooted. Giving you life and the ability to grow. Touch the sky as you are the natural skyscraper. Longing to stand , to bend, to branch out. We are like these trees crying out to live and to grow. We are a force of our own wanting to cry out. Cry out because of the violence, the negative changes that affect you daily, and cry out to be free.